Welcome to free music teacher resources!

This website has been created by a group of music teachers from Melbourne Australia.  A few years ago, we began sharing material between ourselves for our music lessons.  We soon realised that the people who benefited the most out of this were our students.  We were all becoming better teachers and having better lessons every week with our students by taking the best of each of our skills and combining them.

Also, as music teachers, we are all extremely busy.  Gigs at night and teaching during the day didn’t leave much time to create great lessons that were engaging and relevant to every single student we had for the week.  By pooling our resources and everyone contributing, we didn’t need to waste time doubling up on material that someone else had already created.  We could each concentrate on adding to the pool with something new that had us excited when we had the time to write it out properly.

After years of creating resources we would like to share our ideas with the world.  They might not be the best ever but we think they’re pretty good.  If nothing else, hopefully they will inspire others to develop their own teaching further and they might just give someone an idea that they can adapt to their own teaching repertoire.

We want to make them all free because at the end of the day, if all the music teachers around the world are doing an even better job, then there will be more great musicians in the world and that will inspire even more music students and that will lead to more great artists.  It seems like a great win-win.  Our community has this easy method for sharing our material with each other and we can make it available to any other music teachers who want to check out what we’ve got.  We are planning on putting adds on the site as a way to pay for the hosting so if you like what we’ve got on here, please check out the advertised sites and hopefully we can keep this going.

We have enabled comments on each of the lessons because we also want to get feedback from people on how they are finding they work in practice and if there are any improvements we can make.

One last note: Please do not Sell any of the free resources on this site. You are more than welcome to download, photocopy, change and distribute anything you would like but please don’t sell it to others.  You can direct your students to this site if it makes it easier for you.  I no longer carry hundreds of copies of all my material, instead I point my student to this site and have then download what they need directly.

Please enjoy, share and make music :)

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Free music teacher resources launches

Today we have registered our domain and launched our website! It’s the first step in getting our free resources available to all the music teachers out there. We will be back soon with updates on our latest uploads and more so please check back soon.